Sunday ka Funda

"When things are no longer important, only consciousness becomes important. When things are no longer significant, a new search, a new door opens. Then you are not rushing towards the without: you start slipping into the within. The kingdom of God is within. And once you drop identifying with things, suddenly you are no longer fighting -- there is no point. You start moving with the river of existence. Arrival at home is effortless."

- Osho


  1. I've been soaking up many YouTube vids of Osho lately. I find his philosophy agreeable.

  2. Yes, indeed. Although, may I ask what is agreeable?

    I had a rather interesting bit about his analysis of the F word. Must trace it for you!

  3. I've recently watched the one about the F word. Very funny dialogue from a mystic.

    The big points I find agreement with is Osho's embrace of "Oneness" as a concept. Osho's acceptance that people can have any dogma they want or lack of dogma for that matter. He has a "live and let live" outlook. Listening to the vids, I find myself nodding in agreement as I listen to him.

  4. I have been a fan of Osho for sometime now but I do have to say:

    - he was a consummate salesman, he knew his target audience very well. he just made few mistakes with politicians both at home and abroad. Either because they annoyed him way beyond his tolerance limit or he thought he was rich enough so he didn't need to care or both.

    - I am not sure if he actually believed most of the stuff he preached but that does not invalidate his very well informed discourses.

    - finally, if the selling and entertaining wasn't a part of his job, he would have probably said few essential things that he had learned during his career as a professor and from the vast reading he had done because his own curiosity and walked off. he does get repetitive but then who doesn't.

  5. Dion:

    I've been to the ashram many years ago and met his close aides. Let us say, it's an experience.

    If you read/listen carefully, he takes a bit of this and that and then gives it a 'free' spin. As long as you don't get into maroon robes, you can keep nodding in agreement :)

  6. Hitesh:

    He used to have the most well-established network of PR agents right in his ashram. One word about him and they'd be on your case.

    However, like you there are things to ponder and he made religion, philosophy and social mores accessible to those who might think differently.

    I believe he hypnotised, as in real hypnosis. But then it was probably part of the legend. But his 90 off Rolls Royces weren't!

    Now that you mention his marketing skills, when he died I wrote a piece titled 'Death of a salesman'


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