Look at this...

What does this photograph convey? It was on the day when a mob went
berserk at Azad Maidan in Mumbai.

Here the cop is coolly ambling ahead. What is he reading? Did he not realise there were people on a rampage right behind him? Did he turn to look back later?

He appears to be so immersed in something else. What is it?

This picture, despite it being in-your-face can have its layers unpeeled. Disturbing. Almost dark 'comedy', if it wasn't real.

- - -

Image is from TOI, but there was no photographer's name so not aware
if it's taken from elsewhere.


  1. Looks like a Jehadi mod, who are Licensed to Lynch, (within India).

  2. looks like the pic is doctored, to the extreme left a man wearing afghani cap, don't think someone would wear that in the sweltering heat of Mumbai -portion of the crowd is photo-shopped but the cop is genuine ( I think)

  3. If it is indeed a case of photoshopping, the Carefree Cop would be the external piece placed there cleverly. For, he doesn't seem to be worried about anything.
    But then again, he could be reading orders like, "Step down, step down. Don't take any action. Let the mob do it'd dance." And he is not feeling anything hitting him through his bullet-proof vest. ;)

  4. Rizwan:

    It looks suspicious, but it has appeared in a mainstream paper so doctoring is criminal.


    Arrests have been made.


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