Sunday ka Funda

Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model.

- Vincent Van Gogh

Inspiration, of course, can mean different things. I was inspired today to post this song because the film I so love has been ‘remade'. I shall reserve opinion until I can manage to tear myself away from thoughts of the original. It just so happens that the original too has released on the same day in a digitalised version; I don't want to watch that. There is something about moments that you just want left untouched. One may not feel the same about them anymore, but yet...

In a way I am glad that the picturised song is not available. Just the voices of Yesudas and Haimanti Shukla are enough for this from Chashme Baddoor:


  1. Beautiful song. However, the word is
    chashm-e-bad as in


  2. FV,

    New CHASHME BADDOOR is an atrocity. I have nothing against reinterpreting old films, even classics. But the fact remains that this version would have been called a bad film even if it went by some other name- which it may as well, since it feels no respect for the old film (a fond memory for many) and treats it as nothing more than a random reference point, before going on to massacre it. To make up for its overall lack of merit, it relies on the remarkable physical energy of its actors and adopts an 'anything goes' tone. It is just another OTT David Dhawan film (minus Govinda!) that brings nothing new to the table. It exploits the name of the old film to (hopefully!) sell tickets and then abandons the pretence with the first frame. In the 130 minutes of running time, I laughed at maybe three lines.

  3. Anon:

    I used the spelling as in film, though you are right.

    Nice song. Rafi...soothing as ever.


    Thanks for the review. Was it too mainstream for you???

  4. Rafi soothing ... true. However I have always wondered if khoya khoya chaand didn't mean the sweetmeat.


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