Sunday ka Funda

“Democracy don't rule the world

You'd better get that in your head

This world is ruled by violence

But I guess that's better left unsaid

From Broadway to the Milky Way

That's a lot of territory indeed

And a man's gonna do what he has to do

When he's got a hungry mouth to feed."

— Bob Dylan

Whistle-blower Edward Snowden leaves for Russia. A 'non-democracy' will protect him. Who would have thought? The answer my friends is blowin' in the wind in this delightful snap clip:


  1. FV, Russia will "protect" him or just use him as a foil -- I would lean towards the latter...just amusing that a "american patriot whistleblower" chooses to be a pawn for a hostile nation. Fail to see how any of this helps Snowden's own country (if he still considers his own country) -- but is not the first time Russian have switched sides to the US or vice versa, and probably not the last time either.

    Re: Orson Welles's point there, While the renaissance may have created a lot of stuff, it was preceded by the dark ages marked by death and ignorance and nothing of note for centuries...well, relatively nothing anyway. Strife may not be a necessary condition to creativity, since a lot of the endeavors in science and art in recent times could also be called highly creative I suppose.


  2. Al:

    Russia is a pit stop, from what I gather. Snowden's headed to Havana, I think!

    Am still chomping onnmy cigar on that...

    Don't be such a killjoy about the Renaissance. I think Welles was being deliciously tongue-in-cheek, or at least that's how I'd like to see it. Besides, fact is creativity of a certain kind emerges out of despair.

    Heck, didn't someone talk about Bill Gates' agonies?

    *methinks the commentor is a cuckoo clock kinda guy*

  3. "Heck, didn't someone talk about Bill Gates' agonies?"

    FV, But someone that rich can't possible have any agony..can he? that not be possible! ;)

    "*methinks the commentor is a cuckoo clock kinda guy*"

    You are close :) More of a cuckoo kinda guy

    Orson Welles was a very low temperature feline (that's cool cat in non hipster lingo) so I see it in a different light now if he was tongue in cheek there. Thanks for explaining.



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