Sunday ka Funda

"Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached."

— Simone Weil

I disagree. If attachment is only about illusions, then it pays the price for disillusionment too. We get attached to what is real, even if our emotions might be fabricating illusions beyond the reality. And therein lies the beauty.

And, indeed, one may get attached to what is superficial. That is attachment to the illusion. It does not even seek a reality.

One of the first lines of this song use word trickery to question the mind:

"O nirmohi, moh na jaane, jis ka moh kare..."
(Oh detached one, you fathom not the attraction of that which you are drawn to...)

Film - Chitralekha
Music - Roshan
Lyrics - Sahir Ludhianvi
Singer - Mohamed Rafi
Actor - Pradeep Kumar


  1. FV, Finally some lyrics that make sense. As the fellow wails a little later "we all die alone (so what's the point of all this attachment shattachment)"....well, not exactly *pulls out poetic license photo id card to justify bogus translation*


    Rainy quotes: "Anything makes total sense when you translate it wrong" -- old jungle saying.

  2. Al:

    Your translation of one line is not wrong at all. Does it mean it should now not make "complete sense" to you?

    I'd say we choose what lines to emphasise.


    On another note, I'd like to add that a few days ago I have become 'attached' to this song. I had watched an episode of Indian Idol Junior. One of the kids sang it with such dhairya, a quietude, that all I recall is that I had shut my eyes. 

    I had never watched the clip or the film, only heard the song before. That evening I was entranced. This child performer is not among the best on the show. He is at an awkward stage where voice has still to break. But, as I tried grasping the second stanza and failed, I realised how difficult it is. I pick up tunes rather quickly, so this has frustrated me. It goes on and on, and I just don't seem to get it. 

    Is this struggle an illusion or an attachment? When I do finally get it, will this cease? Questions, questions...

  3. It is a nice song to listen to and your post sounds intriguing but unfortunately I could not understand its meaning. I would be grateful if you could kindly elaborate a bit more on the meaning of the song.

  4. Sai:

    I am assuming you did not understand the lyrics and not what I said about it!

    To sum up (only translating 2 lines, the rest is just the meaning) the song says...

    Life is all about the ebb and tide
    Has anyone been able to keep the sun's rays tied?

    We form attachments, but we die alone.


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