Sunday ka Funda

I think about the sea often. But, it struck me that when eyes are described in Hindi or Urdu poetry, there is a reference to them as possessing the depth of the river: "Jheel si gehri aankhein". How deep are rivers?

Do they too cause little storms? Or, is their tranquility enough to shake us up, wake us up...to dream a daydream?



  1. FV, song is a uber-mellow. I like the sunrise and music combo...I like sunrises even without a good backing score. :) Was pleasently surprised to hear Pt. Chaurasia's music being superimposed on electronica...good deal.


  2. Al:

    Sunrises, and sunsets, often come with a natural background score of bird song...

    Yes, I too was quite intrigued with the electronica. Went rather well with the flute.

    Glad to know you enjoy mellow too!


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