Rushdie does Kim - Not!

Kim at her wedding

If she is of no consequence, why is literary giant Salman Rushdie picking up a challenge to write about her? The arrogant blahster, of course, announced that it was a
"once-only, never-to-be-repeated Kim Kardashian Limerick". In Caps, like an acronymn?

Here is his supposed jibe on Twitter, but reported in the newspapers:

"The marriage of poor kim kardashian
was krushed like a kar in a krashian
her kris kried, not fair!
why kan't I keep my share?
But kardashian fell klean outa fashian"

With Scarlet Johansson for a music video

My take on it/him:

was it the moor's last sigh
or the boor's first high
that he got to frikkin’
flimsy limerickin’
‘bout kim’s 72-day try

~ ~

someone oughta tell him straight
that you don’t have to alliterate
limericks only need lines in order
and not a k-aying on the kris-kardashian border
to dissect the mate stalemate

~ ~

sir salman the stronger
lasted a lil longer
coz he’s got a head
that’s quite fatwa-ed
so the chicks feel so honour’d

~ ~

oh how he forgets
his trysts with starlets
lesser known than kim
with no vigour or vim
yet he made sure to flaunt the sign 'to let'

~ ~

there's this nugget
the time he nuzzled scarlet
the literary maverick
got a kick and a lick
just to be on a music video set

~ ~

he is audacious enough
to carry on the stuff
like he’s doing a favah
to the lord and mayah
for his nighthood bluff

~ ~

if kim was poor
he wouldn't be riding on her
she might not be a cussing cookery diva
the kind salman likes neata
but on the rocks, he’s seen many a wave-crasher



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