Tata’s Serious About Cyrus

It’s a girl…oops, I mean, it’s a Parsi! After the hoopla over a Bollywood star giving birth to a baby, the front pages reverberated with the earth-shaking – or is it game-changing? – news that Ratan Tata, chairman of the Tata Group, has finally found a successor. Cyrus Mistry, besides being humble, intelligent, young, mature, family man, foodie, car-lover, who plays golf, is also bloody rich. He is the son of construction magnate Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry, and already owns an 18.4 per cent share in the company he will now head.

He says he will dissociate himself from the family business to prevent a clash of interests. Socialites who love to throw their danedelion words around are applauding the brave move that does away with dynasty. Idiocy! Cyrus inherited his papa’s business; he is inheriting the chaimanship because besides being humble, intelligent…you get the drift…he also holds the largest outsider stake in the Tata pie.

And while it is sad that he may not have enough time for golf (I am not saying this; it has been quoted), he will still be the good boy who made it better. His being a Parsi is also a sort of dynastic thing considering the dwindling population. I say this because Ratan Tata had mentioned last year that his successor need not be from the community. Not just that, he also said, “In my opinion the successor should be a suitable person for the job. He need not be a pro-Parsi or anti-Parsi.”

Well, from the looks of it, Cyrus will have to walk the razor’s edge. But then, according to an insider, “Mistry is one person who can laugh at himself.” Great. I was kind of worried for this Irish citizen who will have to deal with such Indian things.

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For my take on his earlier Parsi comment, here is Tata, goodbye


  1. Farzana,
    First , the comment section of your blog was inviting a lot of Pseudo intellactuals who just loved to beat their hollow drums ...so , i used to read just your take on them but nice to see some of them taking a break ...
    Second , On Sunny Leone , she is a performing artist who uses her bare body as her key offering like Meena Kumari used her tears and Shahrukh uses his dimples , whats the difference. When John Abraham uses his bare upper body to make movies successful , no one utters a word, Sunny leone works harder ...:)
    Third, Conversion In Kashmir to Christanity. The religious groups shouldnt make a noise at all . Conversion is a religion's way of extending its influence ..same as Mcdonalds wants to open branches . It is a power game, when islam was powerful in southeast asia ..they converted, Now it is christanity. I see no difference ...It is same as Bajaj selling you scooters when you had no choice ...now it is Honda ...
    Turkey or anyother animal, a few days back I was giving some people a session , I shared that India is the largest anti mosquito product market in this world , why ...even mosquitos are "haavi" on us .....lets take solace in qurbaani till we can.


  2. Hi Manish:

    1. Where? We were all just arguing over things that we always do....waisey, I do not like not being included as a pseudo intellectual. Thoda tau intellecutal word aa jaata mere naseeb mein :) Hey, it's all good...they are just taking a break from me.

    2. Like Sunny is to pole dancing what Meena Kumari was to tears? You are soooo funny.

    3. Conversions become political. Just as turkey has.

    As for mosquitoes, oye qurbaan! You think they look upon us as halaal?


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