IPL, Kitsch & Lipstick

Cricket does not interest me much anymore. I liked the white flannels, and whatever money the players may have made, the idea of them being auctioned is somehow quite unpalatable.

Now that the new season of IPL has started, there was the usual glitzy opening ceremony. Nothing these days goes without an opening ceremony. I did not watch it, but saw the pictures – crass Bollywood fare, the top-billed actors looking like courtesans and pimps acting as cheer-leaders.

Since we have foreign players we cannot complain about foreign performers. This time, they got Kate Perry. Her bottom half was Anjuna beach, Goa and the top half was ‘let’s getting married in a Rajasthan palace’.

But, this picture with cricketer Doug Bollinger is such a put-off. I do not know how all you wonderful people look at it, but this appears to be some kind of soft-porn to me, with that wide-open mouth and the mike.

And then there is this. Precious. I will retain the caption as it was, emphasising a couple of interesting phrases:

CALM BEFORE THE STORM: With the IPL and associated entertainment set to drown out all other cricketing noise over the next month-and-a-half, we decided to take a peek back to calmer, more innocent days, when famous men could wear lipstick without fear of retribution. Pictured during India's 1989 tour of Pakistan are (from left) future commentator Sanjay Manjrekar, a zero-international-centuries Sachin Tendulkar, two-Test wonder Vivek Razdan and Indian Express boss Shekhar Gupta before he started walking the talk.

As this was in Pakistan, I naturally call it the $10 million picture.

“It (cricket) requires one to assume such indecent postures” 

– Oscar Wilde

- - -

Both photographs from Mumbai Mirror. The paper has not attributed it to any source.


  1. Ghazal:

    The pictures said it all...I was only the courier :-)

  2. you are bad hahaha, pulling everyone's leg and utterly mischievous LOL


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