Indo-Pak Peace on Crutches

Is hatred a handicap? Can't you move with it? In fact, people keep alive ideologies and patriotic zeal, the killer instinct in many competitive fields because of just this feeling of hatred and opposition.

Is 'Aman ki Asha' merely using emotive appeal?

It is good that the disabled will play together. But there will be one team that will win. If we say it's the game that matters, then in this case it is probably a concession.

Let us see it as an exchange programme. Not everything must be marketed as an Indo Pak peace initiative.

I wonder if soldiers from both sides who've become handicapped in the course of battles would not make more sense. Who'd understand the importance of peace more than them?


  1. while all the peace talks have been ongoing since I have known , I can't envisage a single thing they have agreed upon, over the years there have been growing discontent and suspicion among the parties. I see them as two very inflexible snobs willing to agree on nothing but willing to talk about everything. "asha" is good but please define the grounds on agreements- as far as emotive appeal is concerned , it is hardly important to the people in the negotiating table, with that in mind, "aman" is now a distant dream.

  2. Rizwan:

    Wish they'd demarcate the political and the social. Politically, the status quo is unlikely to change.


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