Digvijaya Singh's Tantalising Politics

Has national politics been reduced to gossip? I am not sure whether it is the Congress party that has anything to do with Digvijaya Singh’s latest “killing you softly” stance. But, it is most certainly not how issues of corruption and wrongdoing at the national level are dealt with.

He should either produce evidence and out those he has evidence against or keep quiet. In an interview to Karan Thapar, he said:

I am a politician and I have been in politics for the last 40 years. What my relations do, is not my business. I never ask them. I have got four daughters and four sons-in-law. What they do is not my business.

This is so clearly trying to absolve a certain Robert Vadra. So, if what relatives and family do is their business, why has he even bothered to insinuate about the families of Atal Behari Vajpayee and L.K.Advani?

Karan Thapar:  And this is evidence that you say if used would embarrass Advani ji and Vajpayee ji.
Digvijaya Singh: We will never use it.
Karan Thapar:  But would it embarrass Advani sahib and Vajpayee ji?
Digvijaya Singh: Yes.

What is this? It is way more devious and dangerous than what can be stated and done with, whatever the consequences.

It would be naïve to imagine that members of the NDA were above improprieties. If the Congress chose to keep quiet, then they betrayed the country. Political parties are answerable to the nation, not to each other.

It is rather unfortunate that now established leaders and parties are behaving as though they are at a Kejriwal rally and throwing darts.


  1. Hey FV, Glad you are calling out the chicanery of the political parties in India -- they only pretend that the only adversaries India has are their own political adversaries. Short-sighted mental midgets. All of them.


  2. Al:

    Yes. Each day produces a new farce. We can only watch or talk...

  3. I remember reading about honour among thieves. Don't tattle on your fellow thief even if he is your rival unless he is tattling on you. It is surprising that he is telling publicly that he's got some thing on Advani et al. I always thought they would privately sort these things out and come to some arrangement.

  4. Sai:

    There is also an internal arrangement, but some whitewash job is necessary. That's how they seem to work...


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