Gadkari's Basic Instinct

BJP Prez in Sharon Stone moment

This is your friendly neighbourhood BJP party president, Nitin Gadkari. If I were to deconstruct this photograph and the attitude of L.K.Advani and the RSS towards him - the former thinks he should uphold certain values while the latter has termed him the "Nagpur boy" who is pretty much okay - then it is clear that Gadkari does not quite care about what anyone thinks of him. 

His legs are crossed at an extreme angle while his gaze is straight ahead. It means he keeps an eye on what's going on, and yet does not lose touch with who he is and who he is with. 

The generous exposure and view of flesh also conveys that he might preempt his opponents with a 'show me yours, I am showing you mine'.


  1. The last sentence is very funny but it can have another connotation.

  2. I do go down a level or two in my comments sometimes. But this post, I am afraid, hovers dangerously close to the edge of gutter. Gadkari's politics, business and even morality is fair game. But he hasn't so far given his detractors any chance to declare an open season on him in the manner that ND Tiwari, Ramrao Adik and some others did.

    I am not a prude or a puritan. But being a fan (defining the word liberally!) of this blog, I disapprove of this post! I know which sites to go to when I feel like a voyeur. Cross Connections is not one of them.

  3. FV,

    Except for the shorts, the handlebar mush, and hirsute appendages, Mr. Gadkari is a dead ringer for Ms. Sharon Stone. You really have an eye for inveigling such similarities from the intertubes.

    Amateur Movie Expert

  4. Al:

    Oh, I thought it was obvious! Glad to know you are getting ot be a movie buff...er...


    There is nothing to mean...it is a common saying that I flipped.

  5. F&F:

    I am surprised by your comment. This picture and similar ones were all over the national media.

    How does it "hovers dangerously close to the edge of gutter" when posted on this blog?

    Thank you for being a part of Cross Connections and I have often desisted from posting pictures of violence/child abuse, and on the other hand have done so with other exposure.

    Mr Gadkari was dressed in his RSS uniform. If he is indeed embarrassed by the pictures, he ought to have known how to sit. I do not comment on other physical aspects of his that many in the media do.

    I know you are not a prude, but why this special treatment for Gadkari?

    If I may, here is a comment of yours on another piece:

    Madonna performed a striptease in support of Malala. I am waiting to see what Hina Rabbani Khar plans to do!

    I know that was below the belt. But ain't it delicious!


  6. FV,

    My point is not about the picture but about your musings thereupon, adequate only for the gratification of some low-life beings who may be clicking on your blog in the hope of who-knows-what!

    Besides, you have deliberately dovetailed these with the person's politics and (perhaps) political views, somehow attempting to ridicule one using the other. This takes the wind out of any 'just joking' argument you make be claiming to make.

    I have nothing against dirty jokes, just as I have nothing against political criticism. But the two are better kept apart.

    I can readily narrate a risque joke about nearly any public figure, living or dead (I said any. And I said living or dead. Listening carefully, FV?) if you offer me this space!

  7. F&F:

    You are pushing it. WTH do you mean by "low-life beings" clicking to get gratification here? Geez, you click here too, and others might judge you and your persistent views in a similar manner.

    Just a few comments and no more after this:

    1. I do not need such a picture to express my political views.

    2. This isn't the first time I have done an analysis of photographs, and not of someone from this party.

    3. I am afraid there is no wind taken out of any argument because I haven't said it was a joke.

    4. You obviously don't relish the abstract and perceptions. It's something you have to deal with.

    I am sure you enjoy risque jokes on public figures. Some of your comments have been posted. (You are silent on the example I gave.)

    Unless your jokes are in sync with a comment, it's fine. For general display, you might like to use your own forum where you won't judge yourself as you judge others.


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