Speak Easy

This picture in TOI is taken at Arvind Kejriwal's press conference. The man in grey was apparently asking him how he and his wife, who is with the IRS, were never transferred from Delhi.

He is 'opposing' Kejriwal. Does it seem like it? The latter is not only smiling, but holding the mic for his accuser.

Anything to be 'transparent'. Or, to give the impression of being so?


  1. Even if it is to merely 'appear' being transparent, it is still a huge thing in India. Most people around here are highly intolerant of uncomfortable questions. Some fly into a rage on being asked, others insist on vetting the questions before a public exchange. A few have the power and the ego get the questioner arrested as well!


    By the way, the (randomly generated, I suppose) word verification image below reads "RSS LAME"! I smell an anti-Hindu conspiracy! Beware, all you Mlenchhas out there!

  2. With him going after Gadkari and Reliance, you still think he is an RSS stooge or just a loose canon?

  3. F&F:

    By your logic, then the Congress insisting on continuing to patronise the culprits of 1984 Sikh riots could also have given the 'appearance' of being transparent.

    You can co-opt with such auto-suggestion, as it were,and make-believe that all is well, that you are honest enough to take it.

    PS: Unfortunately, I have no control over the terms used in word verification. If you got 'RSS LAME' perhaps it has something to do with the subconscious? Or a bad nightmare?!



    He is loose cannon. Or, on a tight leash well aware of the side he is really on. I've said it, and I'll stick to it: When the time comes, he is going with the BJP.


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