Sunday ka Funda

"If men are habitations of God, we should fall at their feet
But we should leave alone their habits and goals
Fire is good to drive away cold
But you must not tie it up
And carry it around in a cloth."

- Sant Tukaram

There are different ways to celebrate festivals. Poems, music convey those sentiments better than most dhamakas. Here, it is about giving yourself up to god...the happiness that comes with giving yourself to something is unspeakable...

This song is from a little-known film Parinay. The visuals in this clip somehow take away from the beauty of the words and music. I like the straightforward tone in the beat. Nothing against the deities, but to enjoy it best you might need to shut your eyes, as you would if you try to look straight at the sun...

Happy Diwali!

Suraj ki garmee:

- - -

I had posted this earlier, but somehow this song and thoughts recurred to me again.


  1. FV,
    Kya yaad dila diya ..Diwali used to be so like this ...just posted this on my FB ...
    Sometimes I wonder ones who see a Jehadi supporter in you , willfully ignore this ....Thanks ..you made my day ...
    Have a safe diwali .........

  2. Happy Diwali, Manish.

    This song just works wonders for me - the beat, the rhythm, the words...

    As for those narrow-minded people who see me as something, it tells me something about them too.

    Hum kisike karzdaar nahin bante :)


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