Brave new world?

The room was filled with smoke. I came out of the bathroom and thought I was turning blind. I blinked several times...it was idiotic. In the urgency to try to see, I was not smelling anything. Something was burning. The airconditioning had a major problem, some wires were on fire...

Do we notice what we are supposed to?

The next day the technician said that had I been sleeping in the room I might have choked...choked how, to what extent? The blue-white haze that had enveloped me as I came out fresh-faced smelling of talcum powder made me feel like I was entering a new world...

Do all new worlds choke you, burn you?
- - -
Yeh duniya yeh mehfil
mere kaam ki nahin

kisko sunaoon haal-e-dil beqaraar ka
bujhtaa hua charaag hoon apne mazaar ka
ai kaash bhool jaaoon magar bhoolta nahin
kis dhoom se uthaa tha janaazaa bahaar ka

Yeh duniya yeh mehfil
mere kaam ki nahin

(Kaifi Azmi)

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