Hot cross buns

BJP chief Rajnath Singh attended the RSS Vijay Dashami function dressed the part.

Wonder where the moral police is. Besides being an ungainly sight - he was not attending a soccer or baseball match - he ought to learn some basics about etiquette.

Obviously, he was accorded respect and given the front row seat. What was he trying to prove?

There is nothing 'Rashtriya' about it. Is it 'Swayamsevak'? Where does that leave the Sangh?

Just wondering...

Updated on October 5, 6 PM IST

I am amazed at the reactions to the above picture.

It isn’t a 'joke' and we are not talking about John Abraham and the exposure of the male body in films or modelling. It is also not a casual picture taken at the beach. This was at a political event. The khaki bermudas are the RSS uniform. But there is a matter of etiquette, and etiquette means knowing how to sit when you wear certain kinds of clothes, and where. Most people do follow these rules of social behaviour, especially if they happen to be in positions of power and expect public respect.

It might be no big deal for some – and the usual rant of this blogger being against the RSS/BJP ideology creeps in, quite forgetting that I do not need a man’s bare legs to express disapproval of the party. Then there is this bit about being critical of ‘fellow Indians’. I cannot fathom such a comment because it makes absolutely no sense.

As for being below the belt, the picture was not taken by me and the man chose to sit the way he did. There are studies on body language…but I won’t waste my breath over it for this particular example.

There are men who do know how to sit, even with full trousers and legs crossed:


  1. Hello Mam

    I know you have severe problems with BJP and larger Sangh Parivar.

    I dont see any wrong in this photo. He is simply proud of being from RSS.

    Wat exactly do u find so bad in this photo. can u elaborate please


  2. LOL this is a funny photo!!The RSS must get embarassed

  3. Farzana,
    I did not get the point of your Blog.May be i am too dense or did not get the inside joke in it.Are you just making fun of a fellow Indian. Let me in the joke.
    kul bhushan

  4. i guess this one is a lil below the belt. . . .the shorts were designed to be one notch, better than the dhoti. . .
    But technically this isnt no different to swimming trunks wearing John Abraham. . .

  5. Ha ha ha !! Sent this pic to all my friends !!!

  6. Where is the breach of etiquette? He is, after all, crossing his legs.

  7. Hi:

    I have responded in the update in the post itself...


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