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The political wing of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency which used to spy on politicians and rig elections has been disbanded and will now focus only on internal security issues.

Someone please tell those who are getting all excited about this bit of news that internal security issues often have to do with the activities of politicians. Has any foreign power been responsible for the killing of its leaders?


Ramosana, a small village in Gujarat’s Mehsana district. Since the last 15 days, 3,000 priests have been chanting hymns to invoke divine intervention to tackle the global financial crisis.

The globe does not know about Mehsana, Mehsana does not know about the globe, much less its financial crisis.

Now comes the fun part: This yagna will continue for the next two years (gosh, these priests sure know about market trends) and will cost approximately Rs 150 crore.

Who is paying for it? Don’t tell me some poor traders in Mehsana have been roped into believing that all this stock diving is going to affect their daily lives and they must cough up money? This is utter nonsense.

What is the point of going to the moon when we are still trying to appease god and goddesses for various crises? With this money, they could construct houses for the poor, or small industries and employ people.

What is Narendra Modi doing? Is this his idea of going global?


You can rise in Australia. Join The Australian Sex Party. This is a political party and its slogan is “We are serious about sex”. The target voters will be its four million citizens who access pornography.

Its policies will include a national sex education curriculum, reducing censorship, abolishing government’s proposed Internet filter and supporting gay marriage.

These are honourable motives. Am wondering though whether being serious about sex means no laughing, no tickling, no flippant acts of feather caresses or popping bubbles…no kangaroo jumps…


The Dalai Lama could be a good model for the Fevicol ad. Says he:

“There is no point or question of retirement. It is my moral responsibility to lead the Tibetans till my death. My whole body and flesh is Tibetan.”

So were those who were killed a few months ago.

And he is now even willing to give up the Dalai Lama position after he is gone!

“There are various ways of doing it (having a successor). The point is whether to continue with the institution of the Dalai Lama or not. After my death, Tibetan religious leaders can debate whether to have a Dalai Lama or not. I may be the last Dalai Lama…My successor can be a young boy or a girl. Girls show more compassion. Also, women are dominating things all over the world.”

I think spiritual leaders should make up their minds whether they want to be politicians or god’s middlemen/women. He clearly has no idea what he is talking about.


John Lennon has been forgiven by the Vatican for his remark about the Beatles being “more popular than Jesus”.

What is the use? It has been 40 years. The Church is still around, so is the memory of the Beatles.

The Vatican’s official newspaper said:

“After so many years it sounds merely like the boasting of an English working-class lad struggling to cope with unexpected success”.

It should have hit them on the head way back then. It does not have to be success going to his head, just refusal to believe in institutionalised religion or wanting to create a new world through music. That the Church even objected is puerile.

All Lennon said was:

“Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink We’re more popular than Jesus now — I don’t know which will go first, rock and roll or Christianity.”

Why did the Church want Jesus to be ‘popular’? And this sudden forgiveness business is a bit silly. Instead of regurgitating 40 year-old comments, they should have gone and stopped that Michael Jackson from converting to Islam. There is still time for them to take him back.

They will save two religions for the price of one.


  1. FV:

    That's quite a wide spectrum of events that you covering on this post. As always, loved your take. Although I differ with your opinion on the Dalai Lama.

    ISI -- the Invisible Soldiers of Islam, as they called it in certain circles. Those who pushed the ISI down that path in the late 70s and the 80s cry foul when the same VSI are working against their interests.

    Where is Mehsana? Somewhere in New York... :-)

  2. Thanks , I got the right meaning of ISI today, interestingly one of my paki friends told me that they attract the best talent in Armed Forces in Pakistan….royal waste of talent ..Anyway…I am sure this must be Zardari’s idea just in case his colorful phone calls to his many “love interests “ in London are being tapped 

    Oh Mehsana, they must be doing the yagna for the Potel Bhai’s Motel Business in Texaaas…..

    Having been an Aussie for 5 years, I I can safely say, the only thing they are serious abt is sex, There is a place in Melbourne called the Daily Planet , this brothel is a stock exchange listed company, the "partners" are melbourne are counted in highest paid tax payers in Victoria ......You can also have a sex free Dekho trip just to check out the saunas and mirrors....good luck to the new party ...

    Rude thing to say... but I am waiting to see a report in MJ's Khatna ceremony .....

  3. PS:

    I enjoy doing this take on serious news items...

    Re. the ISI, what one creates always grows larger than the creator.

    Mehsana is near New York? Rubbish. It is close to Bologna (see, ending with na and na), Italy!
    - - -


    Zardari's reputation rests on how many of those calls he gets; otherwise he is finished...

    As oen with Gujju ancestry, I must take objecsun to your not saying word propperly...it is Poetail Bhai's Motul beeznuss in Takes-us...

    You think Daily Planet is Oz has not suffered the crunch...financial one?

    MJ's khatna ceremony report, here are the headlines:

    Jacko ko wacko...(Indian tabloid)

    Smooth criminal...(UK /American tabloid)

  4. a typical muslim way of thinking.


  5. As oen with Gujju ancestry, I must take objecsun to your not saying word propperly...it is Poetail Bhai's Motul beeznuss in Takes-us...
    I am sorry ...didnt u were gujju...justifies the sweet tooth ....I just cud not stop laughing ...i read it a few times and pronounced it right and i sent it to my whole team....thank u... made my day .....u have an impeccable unparalled talent with words and rare package of sugar free intellect as well....seriously ..i am sure u get to hear this 36 times a day.... still ....ur replies to comments are like mexican jalapeno sauce ....they hit u but make u addicted....


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