So, am I supporting the handing over of Kashmir to Pakistan?

There is a good deal of out-of-context statements of mine that have been repeated here. Of particular importance is the one on Kashmir. The headline comes form such silly accusations.

I reproduce below the full article that was first published in my column Flipside in the June 24, 2000 issue of Mid-day, Mumbai, India.

Those who are interested in what I wrote eight years ago would find it interesting. (My views have not changed.) But do take cognisance of the timeframe when I mention x months ago etc…and do note words that are used in single quotes or end with a question mark and the specific reason certain statements were made, as in what they were responding to.

These are nuances that escape many people. I have highlighted certain portions in bold. Why? For those who like to leapfrog so that they can begin croaking.

- - -

Khuda Hafiz, Kashmir?
By Farzana Versey
June 24, 2000

I am a militant.

According to a BJP member, “Those who support the idea of greater autonomy (for Kashmir) are themselves militants.” I am tempted to ask how one would define somebody who talks about ‘Marathi maanus’. Would the Shiv Sena garland a portrait of Sunil Gavaskar with chappals? Has anyone in Punjab or Haryana said a word against Kapil paaji? Has the RSS called Mithun, Anil Kapoor, Mamta Kulkarni and scores of others, who were part of the Dubai/Sharjah circuit, “Dawood’s puppets”? Aren’t these too desperate versions of seeking autonomy and retaining ‘purity’?

Kashmir has been consistently treated shabbily. Which is why I support the move for its autonomy.

(The complete article has been posted on the other blog)


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  3. 1. My work is accessible to anyone who wants.

    2. I have not asked anything to be deleted; it is all there. What would I be afraid of? I have repeated the stories, updated them, several times.

    What are you trying to prove? Just whining?

    Give your real name and real address and real identity if you are so courageous and want to set the world right. Or else, keep your peace and stay away.

    I did make the effort towards having a dialogue, but all I get is abuse. You cannot handle the fact that I posted the complete piece.

  4. FV:

    Not all comments deserve a response. To expect everyone to be sane and rational is too much. Decency and propriety is even further away on the horizon.


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