Tonight's the night for Obama

Okay. Barack Obama wins. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief that erection day is over. I don’t know why we, sitting in distant countries, are exhaling with excitement.

I just want to say a few words to the people of America: Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America, not the world. Barack Obama has created history in America, not the world.

Barack Obama’s middle name could be Hussein and it may give the gallery of diaspora taali-maars cheap thrills while they get their kebabs nicely done on the skewers, but here it does not matter even if his middle name were Hannibal (or as our dear Bengalis would say Horny Ball). Barack Obama may be a nice guy for the Americans, but we need to wait for the G-8 summit to read his lips.

Thank you, Mr Bush, for the laffs. Good morning, America. And Good Night.

- - -

I have used the 'offensive' cover deliberately. A victory always comes with bells and whistles...


  1. FV:

    Do you prefer Obama over McCain? Or will you miss Bushsisms? Who's your favourite?

  2. You sound like a communist!!I am happy because indo us relation will improve.You don't think?

  3. Exactly. We have a tendency to think of America as the world. It is not. We must stop glorifying it and start paying attention to our own countries. Of course, since it is such a strong economy (or was) it's policies have strong impact on the world but that is coz we have let it take so much control. Iceland went bankrupt, there are problems in India coz of the recession in the USA but China is still the least influenced by it simply coz it hasn't let the USA be such a huge involvement in it's economy.

    USA is just covertly imperialist.

    Also, there is no need to rejoice coz Obama won. Like you said, we have to wait and see what he does.

  4. PS:

    Neither...unka maal hai, woh sambhaley...


    I sound like a Commie? A bit of it remains...I do not think Indo-Us relations will improve.


    Covertly? It is so obviously imperialistic. And one thing is at still cannot influence Indian internal policies, though we are giving in...


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