Black Stiletto

The heels dug in. Innocence. Heels that caused dents in the tracks. Heel marks don't leave trails on concrete.

HORRIFIC. It was not the cry against the piercing sole but the pack that descended not allowing the heel to claim innocence.

The heels maintained their composure, we are told. It is a shoe store - heels on celluloid, heels in books, long promos and extracts to mark the day of the heel. To mark territory for new heels.

The heel went on a city tour, a city where she dreamed of walking on clouds and stamping feet all over them even if it was to make them weep. She went and prayed in church. Gods do not talk, god did not create heels. God is vegetating in imprisoned imaginations.

The heel turned her face away as a picture of skull and ribcage "intact" was flashed. News bulbs flashed. Innocence flashed. See, the heel had only made a few dents. Where are the pieces?

Black stilettos are statement pieces. They stand tall and when they fall it is merely a fashionable trip.

- - -

The heels belong to Maria Susairaj as she walked out of jail for a press conference. (I have cropped the newspaper picture.) Neeraj Grover's "friends from the TV industry" don't see the irony of the same industry offering her Rs 5 crore to appear in the reality show Bigg Boss.

It is okay to hold candle-light rallies. But will they be able to ensure that news channels do not give her some sort of heroic status? Will they be able to ensure that ads promoting any film on the subject are not screened?

Justice has to go beyond the courts.

- - -

A friend has told me that I often tend to get too personally involved in news stories. I see people. If oversensitivity is a crime, then I plead guilty.

I don't wear black stilettos.

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