Sunday ka Funda

“Kodak sells film, but they don't advertise film. They advertise memories.”

- Theodore Parker

Most of us are cynical about ads, but we read them and watch them. Some of us are taken in. Is it because we need the product or because it has been sold to some instinct we did not know we had?

The above quote brings to mind two recent ads on TV. They work well.

This one took me to adolescent years. It has got everything right - it tells a story, weaves in the product and does not push it. It is catering to this young market with a music mobile phone. The actors are so real and the brilliant touch is the song. It is an old song, so why use it here? I think it conveys the longevity of emotions and by default the product.

Watch it and remember those days, unless these are your days!

In this other one, the brand positioning is brilliant. They have used an investment banker and "Mr. HCL" so effectively that when one of the models appeared in another ad, I thought it was betrayal. Again, a story, here more upfront because the product is meant to convey a high-profile, in anecdote form with a fine touch at the end:


  1. The phone ad is touching - something a teenage boy could relate to - getting that chain back on the sprocket is a dog, the question is would instinct overcome the nuts and bolts of the task at hand? As for the song, I prefer the original - this one lacks the inflections and the nearly undetectable pauses are missing, which turns this one into a rush job to fit the 30 sec slot. Overall a cute ad, I'd skip the voice over at the end, since it is in English - flashing the text once, followed by a slow fade, might have worked better and more in line with the subtle message. It's a tough one not to overdo a commercial ... this one nearly succeeded.

  2. The song is part of the original, unless you like dimples and were referring to the actress:


    The VO in English is mainly because it is catering to the urban English-speaking market.

    As regards instinct, it usually conquers oneself if not all.


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