A shrewd Ramzan welcome

From today, the 2011 Christian Prayer event is being organised. What is so significant about it?

Coinciding with Ramadan (1 - 30 August 2011) Christians from around the world will be praying in unity for the Muslim world.

Obviously, it is not about the ones praying, but those who need these prayers. Such poppycock. And they are using this month to tom=tom that “Muslims are our neighbours”. So? Do they pray for their immediate meigbours? The hoboes? The unemployed? The drug addicts? The rapists? The victims?

Not only is this typical, it is also a marketing tool. You can order DVDs and books and they have “prayer articles for all the major Mulsim countries and many unreached Muslim people groups”.

The Muslims, at least those who follow certain tenets, will be praying and have been praying. This is just studied kindness. Well, go ahead. And while you are at it, just drop a line or two to god about the weeds in your garden.


  1. VM:

    Same to you! Although, as someone who does not 'do' it, I accept the wishes on behalf of all the Muslims of the world, even if they do not think I am Muslim enough...

  2. leave islam and be free.

  3. I do not have to leave anything to be free. Nothing can shackle you if you know your mind. Thanks for the concern, though.


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