Sunday ka Funda

There are teems of people in the roads everyday, uprooted from homes. For them survival is a dream. A little money to be earned, wrenched from their families and often themselves. They don’t have to be naked fakirs and the only voices that speak for them are what they have left behind and which they connect to with that old red postbox.

Gaman remains one of those rare gems that silently revealed such displacement – crowded streets and vacant eyes. Two ghazals from the film...

tanhai ki ye kaun si manzil hai rafiqon
taa-hadd-e-nazar ek bayaabaan sa kyon hai

seene mein jalan aankhon mein toofan sa kyon hai
is shahar mein har shaks pareshan sa kyon hai

(Where is the loneliness headed to
as far as one can see there is nothing beyond

the heart burns as storms fill eyes
in the city everyone seems to be a tortured soul)

Back in the village, the woman waits. The torture is no less as memories tug…

koi deewana galiyon mein phirta raha
koi awaaz aati rahi raat bhar
Aapki yaad aati rahi

(Some madman roams the streets
Some sounds I hear at least
As all night your thoughts don’t leave)

Movie: Gaman
1. Suresh Wadkar
2. Chhaya Ganguly
Music Director: Jaidev
1. Shahryar
2. Maqdoom Mohiuddin
Actors: Farooq Sheikh, Smita Patil
Year: 1978


  1. Gaman is a very good film.. i agree.. and the song is a masterpiece..

  2. Beautiful songs (esp. the first one) but if you want the cure for the blues...



    can't tell but m pretty sure that cap is "red" ;-)

  3. Kaif:

    Indeed. There is such fatality and yet the desperation to survive...very few people have been exposed to Gaman. Muzaffar Ali became known as the maker of Umrao Jaan, more famously.


    This makes me go bluer...I do not like resham ka rumaal...how the hell do you wipe well-earned sweat with silk? The cap is red if you see red :)


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