Sunday ka Funda

It is not always unfounded. When you fear fear itself. There is a reason beneath the skin. I have never been really paranoid, but there was a time in the recent past that shook me up. After that, I have not been the same.

This was not about inner demons. Those are there, will always be there as long as we have a past and a future that runs faster than we can chase it.

I watched this video almost a year ago sent by a friend. I was stunned. So stunned that I refused to watch it again. Until yesterday when I was thinking about my fear and I clicked on the link, at first eyes averted and then saw the images and heard the deep sounds of a part of us that we may not know about. I know. And I too ask:

Is the blame on you? is the blame on me?
Why don't I stay in my own? Struggling
Filling the hole that's through my life

Paranoia – Elsiane

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