Advani, a Weak PM, and Incontinence

I think our Prime Minister is not weak; he knows his so-called weakness works in his favour. Therefore, L.K.Advani may be sighing with Hissar relief after the Yeddy-made problem, but it is a bit too pat and he ends up boosting the real weaklings/seeklings:

“We have had Prime Ministers like Chandra Shekhar, Deve Gowda and IK Gujral who may not have even ten-fifteen MPs but who never appeared weak as there is a lot of strength in the position of Prime Minister.”

Exactly. There is strength in the position, not necessarily the person. What did these three really contribute?

"The condition of the government is very bad. Sometimes I take pity at Manmohan Singh though I had respect for him at one time. When I criticised him by calling him 'weak' before the 2009 elections people asked me why I said that because he was a good and honest man. Calling him weak is not an abuse. But if the Prime Minister thinks that he cannot do anything till 10 Janpath does not give me clearance, it does not behove him.”

A few points:

  1. Does he mean to say that since “weak” is not an abuse, he is by default an honest man? 
  2. If he does need “clearance” from 10 Janpath, then why target him at all and not the person at 10 Janpath? He has been going on tours, attending summits and signing documents. Why not make him responsible for all of this?
  3. Finally, since when has the BJP encouraged independent leaders? Does it not tomtom itself as the great Indian family? Aren't the rebels thrown out? Did not Vajpayee have to follow the Advaniji’s diktats, not to speak of the RSS?

- - -

And on a note that might bring a smile to pitashri Advani’s face, a small little news item:

A Maharashtra MLA has registered a complaint against the use of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Pratibha Patil’s pictures to indicate men and women’s washrooms near the VIP lounge of Nagpur’s Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport.

“Both portraits are displayed near the washrooms, which is against discipline and protocol. Symbolically, it shows that Patil’s portrait gives direction towards the women’s washroom while Manmohan Singh’s directs one to the gents’ loo.”

Just shows how our cult of worship can get terribly leaky. I fail to understand, though, how people – that too in the VIP lounge – would 'follow' the leader unless they are bladderful. It is good that we do not have Dr. Ambedkar’s statue in the famous pose, finger pointing out, anywhere in the vicinity. That would be quite a discretionary take on the constitution.


  1. QUOTE :"It is good that we do not have Dr. Ambedkar’s statue in the famous pose, finger pointing out, anywhere in the vicinity. That would be quite a discretionary take on the constitution."

    That had class, FV! You outdid yourself! En core plz!

  2. Ms. Nasreen, come back. All is forgiven! Can't do "en core"...am circling.

    PS: Noticed that since you are 'agreeing' in the least few posts, I appear to have lost my deposit...

  3. Farzana,
    Mr. Advani's rants about MMS and Janpath Rd. have been oft repeated - repeated enough - to the point of boredom death. Nothing new here.
    A more pertinent question would be about RathYatra itself. Between 1991 and 2011 - what has Advaniji been doing ? Same Rathyatra ? The polity and social environment has moved on leaving its communal past behind. Maybe Advaniji may not have realized this - these days even the past replays of Mahabharat , laced with Astras and Raths et al, occassionally aired by television channels look lot more boring.
    But then, for all we know, the ReshimBaug area from Nagpur might not really have moved on.
    p.s. for Free and Footloose : What if FV had made those comments "finger in the air" about "Bal Gangadhar Tilak" or "Vinayak Damodar Savarkar" ? Would you be equally cheering ? Just curious.

  4. FV,

    The agreement or disagreement is with the views, or at worst, with the viewpoint, never with a person. My consenting comments on "last few posts" do not guarantee an unconditional agreement on everything you write.

    Hope you agree that a person is more than his viewpoint on a specific issue!


  5. Mahesh,

    I can give you enough proof of my sense of humour but FV is unlikely to permit. She likes only agreeble banter.

    The gentlemen you spoke of are as reverable or as despicable as other men - or prophets! If common standards and a common code of interaction exist between two sides, I see no reason why a good joke will invite throat-slitting!

  6. Mahesh:

    Well, much of politics is about repetition and autosuggestion. -The dynamics of the rath yatra were not meant to change therefore even the economic bubble has been coopted.-

    In case you missed this:


    PS: Have a great weekend and a wonderful Diwali, just in case you don't look in later.


    Oh, my, how concerned you are!

    My consenting comments on "last few posts" do not guarantee an unconditional agreement on everything you write Hope you agree that a person is more than his viewpoint on a specific issue...

    Am I supposed to 'get the message' or what? The comment was about the others' silence and meant to be "agreeable banter"...losing deposit etc. Seems like your constituency is more alive. Not to worry. You can tell your people that I have not sought lifelong guarantee for agreement.

    As regards the person being more than a viewpoint, please pinch yourself next time the urge to comment on my jihad/hijab/kebab etc overtakes you. Tnx.

    PS: So, what's the joke that I might not post?
    PPS: Hope you are buying a green kandeel :)

  7. here is something to agree/disagree about:


    >>>I am convinced that nothing is more urgent for the purpose of ideally promoting India’s prosperity (falāh) and welfare (bahbūdī) and for giving due strength (istahkām) and stability (pāedārī) to the aims of the British government—a government I am proud to serve—than an enhancement of good mutual relations between Indians and Europeans. To achieve that goal, in my opinion, Indians should be encouraged to travel to Europe, so that they may directly observe the progress and achievements of Civilization (shāyastagī) in European countries, and gain an understanding of the prosperity (daulat), power (tāqat), and intelligence (dānā’ī) of the English people.[1] They may also learn, for India’s benefit, the many excellent and useful things that have come about there because the inhabitants of England are so capable (musta’id) in commerce, and because the country’s wealth and learning are increasingly being used to enhance the functioning of its factories, fields, hospitals and charity homes, and the cleanliness of its cities.

    how did we get from here to "Death to Amerika!!"

  8. FV,

    I appreciate sarcasm, but only when I understand it! In other cases, I merely ignore it.
    I will pinch myself only to confirm to myself if I am talking sense or not. You can be assured that regardless of your views on Sharia, blasphemy and Hizb, I will not pass judgement on your mental or physical health. 'Sick' is a word that is best left for doctors to use!
    All banter is agreeble to me - as long as as the sporting attitude is reciprocated!

    Have a great Diwali!


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