Karva Chauth Wish

May the husbands live long enough to spare the wives from repeating the same mistake.

- - -

For those interested, it is the day when women fast for the longevity of their spouses.


  1. FV,
    At about midnight last night i updated my FB status as ...Woh Jo Shaks mujh se pehle takht Nasheen thaa,,,Usko bhee apne khuda hone pe itna hee yakeen thaa ...Most friends thought it is about my job and role and junk ..the connotation was actually Karva Chauth ...when we are in a relationship ..we are like a man at Church gate station at 5 pm on Mondays ... pushed in one direction , you tend to believe all...Rituals , the fallacy of romance and illusion of till we die types. I blogged afew days ago that like religion , politics and sex being trillion dollar industries, romance and all that " relationship"" fallacy is alos one .Imagine if we reconciled with teh fact that Solitude has its own bliss ...what would happen to such industries, Music, Diamonds, Marriages, Movies, Marriage counsellor ...Man ..an industry .
    When you are living thru it though ...you believe in all of this ...hence the sher ...
    Btw..only thing I will "fall"for these days is crispness of Faraz , giving company to Chilli Marinated vodka with crushed mint leaves ..breezy bengaluru and the illusion that I am the hero in the story of my life and not the side hero ...Everyone thinks they are Hrithik and Not Farhan ...if you know what I mean ... Der Lagi lekin..maine ab hai jeena seekh liya ....Jazbaat Junkie

  2. JJ:

    Solitude also needs illusions and crutches. The vodka and crushed mint leaves industry thrives on it. So do poets, although they may not know it. I think we are heroes in our lives until we become slaves to any ritual.

    As for solitude being bliss, what happens when we talk to ourselves? Heck I even write about it.

    I thought you would be listening to Farhat Shahzad in Mehdi Hassan's voice...

    "tanha tanha, mat socha kar
    pyaar ghadi bhar tau hi bohat hai
    jhoota sachcha mat socha kar"

    Aur, yahaan ghaur farmaiye

    "jiski fitrat hi dasna ho
    woh tau dasega mat socha kar"

  3. For what its worth, JJ, I couldn't agree more:

    >> I think we are heroes in our lives until we become slaves to any ritual.<<

    There are also rituals within rituals, imv . . .

    There is a way out, however. Research it for yourself and you may find more than one . . . erm, way, that is. :)



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