Words/Sperm Count

Writers who think blogging is a waste of words are like men who don't masturbate for fear of wasting their sperm or making them weak.



  1. FV,

    Seems like you are suffering from the blogworld's equivalent of impotence! :)

  2. O, Wise One, please explain...

  3. Masterstroke ....Copying ...will be quoted , as frequently as possible :)
    Made my Friday ..Thank you ! JJ

  4. FV,

    That could hardly be called a post except technically, right?

    Especially when we have had the Bharatpur and Rudrapur riots in quick succession, involving various mass murderers and constituion-subverters!

    - The Wise One.

  5. I always enjoy your spunk, FV.

  6. Nice. :-)

    I was told by a friend that is not interested in reading my blog that "no one reads blogs anymore." Obviously your readers can disagree with that!

  7. JJ:

    Will you make sure I get quoted enough to make it to the Limca book of records? I don't think i'll manage to grow my moustache long enough to qualify :)


    With such appreciation I can always feel active even during my two-hour cat naps...

  8. Hi Naveeda:

    Thank you. However, much as I need readers and relish their input (they keep me on my toes and make me feel taller - take that you naysayers!!), this was in response to my career writer peers who think blogging is lesser and eats into precious time/is pearls before swine. Maybe I enjoy these porcine moments: )


    Do you know in the time I wrote the 'non post' (technically that is), many children died, many were born, crimes were committed, people ate, drank, went to work, painted, wrote, sang, tried looking for cures for impotence...and had sex...writers, rioters, activists, and those who are in charge of policy making decisions. Ah, but they can claim impotence when upholding the Constitution.

    So, did you not do any of the above and only thought of the riots? Or was your comment meant to be premature....? Hope you are feeling better.

  9. FV,

    No I did not think of the riots. Not to the exclusion of everything else.

    I am happy to note you didn't either. But the doubt still lingers in my mind that it was solely because associating Narendra Modi with them would be rather tough!


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