Nothing much needs to be said here. But, for money they will divide their own gods. And, do note that it is about being king of Mumbai – Mumbaicha Raja. The landscape is the posh Mumbai, not slums, and it is slumdwellers who need prosperity that Lord Ganesh promises.

Be ready as the starched ones overtake this little bastion too in pandal politics.

Update: Sept 17:

Obviously, they do not look at this blog. But TOI now has a new ad with public transport and the rest!


  1. I hear the party get very wild, drinking and chanting when they want to break that pitcher and gamblers makes a lot of Money :) festive season for you Madame with lotsa butter, sweets and raucousness.

  2. Why are you mixing up the gods? This is Ganesh Chaturthi not Janmashthami, which os Lord Krishna's birthday and they break the dahi handi.

    Yes, dancing etc happens all the time.

    You think I need butter? Stop flattering yourself...

  3. I am mixing these festivals because I have not witnessed it, to me it was "pujo" in Bengal and little bit Diwali - guess that explains and I am completely disconnected from my country for more than a decade. what do you need? not margarine :)

  4. FV,

    Do you think taking to the streets, burning buses and declaring a death warrant on the newspaper staff in the most venomous possible language will work?

  5. I have updated the pictures used by TOI that were commercially using a Hindu deity.

    I suppose some computers/smartphones may not have the 'resolution' to see that clearly.


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