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It is alleged...the prime minister called it a dastardly act...the home minister said he knew about it...then he did not know...the Opposition knew....then did not know...Intel forces knew...then did not know...it was a well-planned attack...no, it was rudimentary...outsiders...insiders...non-state actors...it is alleged....according to reliable sources...(reliable according to which side you want to be on)...yes, reliable sources...

According to news just coming in exclusively from top officials who shall remain unnamed that they have been told by reliable sources that everybody is a fucking idiot.


Hyderabad blasts last night. People dead. Injured. Shane Warne's botox looks gross. 


  1. FV,

    You sound very unhappy and disturbed about the state of India. Especially so in last few posts..

    Have faith. Things will change. BJP will get a full majority. India will be a Hindu Rashtra. NaMo will become PM and the first choice of Muslim voters, even outside Gujarat. Minorities will get more rights under Uniform Civil Code. J&K will de-alienate from India after article 370 is ammended.

    All will then be well.

    A'int I right? :)

  2. someone is very angry - are those stupid reporting and question and just anger is a natural trait - comes everyday but goes nowhere

  3. F&F:

    You are always right - when you are 'virtually' mainlining. I permit you your fantasies, though.

    As regards the last few posts, Helen Hunt, a poem, a song, a boy peeing fountain are not about India I think. But who knows. With NaMo, even statues might just stop short of aiming.

  4. Meriam:

    I knew you'd understand.


    I know where I am going. I pity the numb.


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