Sunday ka Funda

There is no reason. I like the words. I like Begum Akhtar. I like the fact that this has been so much a part of me - listening to it when I am happy, listening to it when I am down, listening to it when I just want to listen. It is also the ghazal I sing most. Hum. So, no great funda today. Wait. There is a message, a lesson. Or, as Arthur Miller said:

"Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.”


  1. FV,
    That is a pretty melancholy song, and I am sure I am understating its sadness, but the song is clearly comfort food for your soul. I can understand that in some sense actually. It is the happy songs from sad times that one is unable to listen to, for fear of..,what exactly I wish I knew.

    At least the sadness sticks with one when the momentary waves of happiness flash and fade like summer lightning.

    Wish I knew how to appreciate qawwalis better...should have paid attention to all those Kabir dohas in school some more, instead of passing tiny sheets of paper to my classmates mocking various people for no good reason...oh well.


  2. Farzana, could you translate for me please?

  3. Al:

    You are a closet poet! Just read your lines the way I would write them...

    It is the happy songs
    from times sad
    that unable to listen to
    I fear of what
    I wish I knew.
    Sadness stays
    in waves
    Of happiness that flashes
    Like lightning rays.

    :-) Now, we are ready to get the band going. M&M might join us...

  4. Meriam:

    That's a lot of work! I'll just do one couplet for you, my favourite:

    "mera azm itna baland hai
    ke paraaye sholoun ka dar nahin
    mujhe Khauf aatish-e-gul se hai,
    ye kahin chaman ko jalaa na deep"

    My rough translation:

    My conviction is so strong strange flames do not frighten me
    It's the fire from the flower I fear for it might burn down my blooming garden

  5. You are just too much, FV :-) Now even I am a poet even though I did not know it -- you are an uber-poet...someone who makes poetry out of other people's word.
    PS: Shall network in all earnestness to get the band a fighting chance :-)

  6. Hmm....Thank you Farzana. Your translation kind of reminds me of that one line from the movie Dabang a couple of years ago, which I caught in the trailer: thappar se dar nai lugta saab, pyaar se lugta hai.

    :) I liked it so much used it as a status update. Wish somebody had bothered to translate the whole thing, Google translate not working.


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