Sunday ka Funda

"The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant."

- Salvador Dali


  1. FV, Thx for the nice tune. Resembled this song in another planet long ago and far away...nowadays the signboard only seems to read:

    "love 10,2231 miles
    desire 6783 miles
    pain Every 56 miles"

    so one takes the bicycle off that road to avoid pain..oh well...


  2. FV, my first stab at some poetry ...thanks for the inspiration and support. dedicated to you. :-)

    (Any resemblance to Vogon poetry purely coincidental :-) -- apologies in advance).

    open mysteries,
    burning questions,
    impending adventures,
    holding hands
    preserve the aroma
    set it in stone
    together eternal
    not a moment alone

    mice and humans
    best laid plans
    generous hope
    solitary rewards
    always together
    always alone
    feeding delusions
    trains of thought
    last stop: disaster

    momentary lapse
    harsh words
    poor judgement
    false memories
    broken faith
    never ending storm
    drifting alone
    reaching out
    never within reach
    overstretched to miss
    fall in the dark
    unseen ground
    touch of love
    a faithful friend
    a rabbit's foot
    a dog's breath
    cruel time
    fading memory
    win the game
    play solitaire
    thoughts and words
    washed and worn out
    with tears and rain
    memories framed
    guilty as charged
    etched with fear
    build walls around
    paint the mirror
    break it down
    easier to admire
    unbroken fall
    desolate comfort
    from unseen ground


  3. Al:

    A big thank you...thrilled to bits about this dedication!

    Forget what it reminds me of....there are some beautiful lines. And the end...

    "unbroken fall
    desolate comfort
    from unseen ground"

    Nicely concluded the desolation.

    Now, please don't put me out of business!

    Kidding. I want the whole world to write. I am so proud of you, sun:-)

  4. Thank you for your kind words, FV. :-) very kicked to hear them!


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