Kaisa des hai mera...

This was the cover page of today's Times of India. Ustad Bismillah Khan graces the bottom. 'Crisis in cricket' takes up a large chunk of the top. This is respect for art, culture? Is this even tameez?

These publications run to sponsor events where their banners shout out their commitment to the arts; they even bring out music CDs on special occasions...but a dead man whose death will kill so much that is classy and classical lies at the bottom of their pit.

I understand sensationalism and have been a proponent of it too. But why does a cricketing problem, that too where we are not involved, get to sidle past the Ustad?

Ah, of course, it is about Pakistan. We have to give it front page banner headlines.

Fine. Now I only hope TOI does not capitalise on the shehnai shehenshah's demise and bring out a series of his works and make a lot of moolah with it.

And all this will go under the guise of shraddhanjali (tribute). My foot!

Then there were others that gave more respect, but yet it was milk-drinking idols that got more space.

That miracle thing has had a snowballing effect. After the 'Muslim' miracle, we just had to have a 'Hindu' one and, now comes news from Kochi that in one home the Virgin Mother's statue is dripping perfume. People are congregating there.

Is this devotion or just curiosity? Is this a branded perfume, by the way?

I love my India...hrmph...

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