Play it again, Pam

Pamela Anderson on marrying Kid Rock mainly for the sex: "I'm not going to pretend it doesn't make a difference. I know women say size doesn't matter. But it does, at least for me. Put it this way, I can't see any down side to a man being well hung."

Most women don’t, but they are expected to say the same old things…

I wish…

1. Women would stop this crap about men with a sense of humour…these guys want us to laugh at all their jokes, and they aren’t even funny.

2. Women would stop wanting guys who are New Age men…these men will be happy you are working because they aren’t.

3. Women would stop this business about looking for men in control…a man who can’t ask for directions will always fumble.

So, listen to Pam. Or settle for poms.

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