Brangelina tracked by cops!

Take a good look at this car. Someone put life and limb at risk to shoot this picture. Isn’t that why it is on the front page of the largest-circulated daily in India? The press kept a vigil for the past few days, but the van sneaked away.

A report stated, “As there was no intimation to the city police about the arrival of the star couple, and their further movements, the police has now decided to track them on their own. ‘Teams have been formed to check all their movements and provide security to them,’ a senior police official said, adding that it was aimed at mob control, besides ensuring their security during their stay in the city.”

This is not a tip-off about a terrorist attack. This is two of Hollywood’s film stars, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who are here not on government invitation or for some social cause but to shoot for a film.

They were “received at the airport” by the chief of security. Does anyone do that for our stars when they visit any country in the West?

For the past few days the media is feeding us information about where they may or may not stay, who will be with them, what they may or may not do…

This is paparazzi stuff and fine as gossip goes. But why is the police acting like hangers-on? “Check all their movements”…phew…if only our security were not so lax where it mattered even more.

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