Here's looking at you, woman!

This picture is courtesy an anonymous graphic artist. Found it in my old files. It conveys beautifully what I believe in - no one is too small. If you close your fist on someone, then you are the loser. If you open up your palm then the other can create beauty in you and with you.

"Haath chhoote magar phir bhi
Rishte nahin toota karte
Waqt ki shakh se
Lamhe nahin toda karte"


  1. Blog
    What a beautiful pic!
    It feels like having a short tour of a palm, it touched my heart, turned on my imagination and tickled my funny bone.

  2. Lady if nothing is small why u complain about 2 inches

  3. Circle: Phew...and you had nothing to sya about my li'l words of wisdom :-(
    - - -

    Haha, you almost got me there! Let us just say it is a matter of contextual reference, and let me sound intelligent....


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