Hind sight

One more time I hear someone say, “Hips don’t lie” or pun on that phrase, I will scream.

Okay, so Shakira has arrived. We know what her suite looks like, what fruits will be placed in her room, what flowers she fancies, and the rest of the blah. But will we please just stop this nonsense about the measurements of her rear? What is the big deal? It could be 38 or 40. So?

This is cheap, disgusting and very déclassé. And these are the supposedly elite sorts who are going to shell out big bucks to watch her perform. And then someone has the gall to assume that she invented belly dancing. Wait a minute. Have you seen those women from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan?

There are articles in the papers on ‘How to do a Shakira’. Serious. When our item girls contort their bodies, it is called tacky; when our film actresses shake their booties, it is dismissed as jhatkas. Some Spanish woman with big hair thrusts her behind and they go ballistic about her “sinuous movements”.

Here is a piece of advice for these star-struck fools: Next time you want to watch sinuous, just watch the snakes perform with amazing grace. And they don’t even have hips.


  1. blog

    very hip!

  2. hip hip hooray

    she did it agin :-)

  3. "agin"? Ab um'r hogi tau agin' jaaez hai, but do you have to rub it in and celebrate it with a hip-hip-hoo? :-)

    [Aside: and this he does without posting a single quotation/poem in my absence :( No wonder there is a now a law in India to arrest those who do not respect/look after elders]


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