Petitioning for Justice for All

The worst indictment of the justice process is that what ought to be taken as a matter of course has to be fought for at every new turn. The decay started 15 years ago and has wormed its way into the minds of the 'intelligentsia'. Dissent is the only valid method of making the System accountable.

The above is my comment (signature #65).

If you as Indians believe in the concept of Justice for All, specifically the bomb blasts vs. riots case, then do read this petition and sign it if you believe in its message.

This is even more pertinent now that more news comes in. The Supreme Court plans to re-open the 1992 riots cases BUT it is not satisfied with the Justice Srikrishna Commission Report, although it has specifically indicted 31 police officers and several politicians by name. This, the SC feels, is not evidence enough.

"The bench added that it would be able to give directions for fresh probe or trial only after it was apprised of specific instances of lapses by the Maharashtra government in booking the perpetrators of the violence."

It is time to wake up...
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Is it an emotional response? Am I getting too caught up in this riots/blasts thing? Yes. It is emotional. I am getting caught up because I never did get ‘uncaught up’. For many of us the riots of 1992-93 were the defining moment of ‘who’ we were. They made us think of ourselves as Muslims.

Even if we do not pray or fast or do anything to deserve a religion – and the religion most certainly does not deserve the likes of us – we feel an allegiance. To be a global citizen you first have to say you come from somewhere. That somewhere earlier was always India; now it is India and Muslim. I have surprised myself with this narrow definition. But how narrow is it, really? How many ghettos we trap ourselves in with the stereotypes we form...

Some say it lacks logic. Yes, it does. You cannot always logically understand ridges that appear on walls; they happen. It does not mean you give up on your home.

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