Charge of the blinkered brigade

December 5. My article 1992 vs. 2008: Mumbai's charge of the lightweight brigade appears in Counterpunch, a US-based publication/portal. I am inundated with emails - reasoned responses.

December 12. The same article is reproduced in The News (Jang group) Pakistan. How do I get to know? When I open my mail and see a burst of abuses. "You have written for a Pakistani newspaper! Go there, live there!!" Nothing new. When words fail you, use exclamation marks...the more the merrier. And hello? What are they doing reading Pakistani newspapers at all hours of the day and night?

People who wear blinkers are not expected to read; they scroll; they see a byline. A name they think is suitable for target practice. They miss it by miles. If I had patience, I'd weep for them. They don't have eyes to scroll to the bottom where it clearly mentions the source where it was originally published.

I was not asked. But then this article would have been picked up by anyone, anywhere. And I stand by every word I have written and will write. Anywhere I want.

- - -

This brings me to the naive belief some people have that these attacks have united India. Which India? A bunch of politicians who got together and declaimed in parliament that they will fight terror? What were they doing all these years?

Groups formulating petitions? Who are they and where will they be a few weeks down the line?

The Mumbai of Malabar Hill or Mankhurd? When did you see them together?

I am not wearing blinkers simply because I am not a horse running somebody else's race.

Nice try, folks, but you will have to work harder to still my voice. I am sure in the din you create you cannot even hear it, to begin with.

Thanks for promoting this blog and getting a peek into my multi-talented personality. Yes, I can write poetry and paint as well...no enough is enough for me.

Have a good weekend. The weather in my city is getting better...wish you were here...and hope it was good for you...


  1. FV:

    To hell with these blinkered guys and their views. They are looking for some target practice and you seem like a perfect target. You must also remember that people resort to abuse, invectives and vilification when they find the truth too uncomfortable to handle.

    Let these idiots first read your book and then they will know a little bit about your views on some subjects. Sitting in the US, they have no business commenting about India, where you and I actually stay.

    Let this kind of nonsense not affect you at a personal or professional level. Carry on, Ma'am! There are a large number of supporters who look forward to your writings every single day. Keep smiling and keep writing your heart out. :-)

  2. FV, I was reading a book by Osho this morning trying to catch sleep and read something beautiful, gut or courage is a function of conviction, we dont have the gut as a nation , most daring leaders in this world just had pure conviction that whatever they were doing is right ....the jehadi boys have the gut because they have a conviction, we got to kill their conviction and gut will die .....our politicians are not capable of any of this ...period ...we ,as a society are involved in intellactual mastrubation on terrorism ....and that will lead to momentary sense of satisfaction ....nothing else ....You have a great weekend and njoy the weather ....Delhi is freezing btw ...

  3. FV,

    Disagreements crop up at times and uncommonly degenerate to abuse . Some times they are unreasonable and misguided . So do not allow them to unsettle your brilliant mind. You are too precious . Have a great weekend

  4. Please post the positive comments you talked of before.there is a lot to learn from readers who have new things to say.Don't waste time on this group,they are only empty vessel

  5. Thank you, all...what more can I add? Yes, there is loads of positive stuff...and that comes from people with courage and conviction.

    And from those of you who try and understand even if you do not agree...I am glad this blog does not depend on ads and how many clicks it registers. It leaves me free to not follow any trends. It is another matter that one becomes the flavour :)

  6. I should be the one with a problem over you in The News! Second morning you've messed up...at least it wasn't a Sunday this time :p

  7. Yes, Mask...you are welcome, again!


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