War against War

I am a mix of angry, very angry… Where are we heading with this? How does it help anyone?

We are manufacturing a state of tension. Who benefits from it we all know. The war hoopla cannot be dismissed. It is time to make these people who are promoting it answerable.

Those of you who are talking about war must pledge to:

  1. Send a member of your family to the war front.
  2. All casualties that might occur become your responsibility – which includes war widows, orphans.
  3. NRIs will vow to return to India and participate in the effort directly or indirectly, not merely with donations.
  4. Those who live and work in countries favourable to the government opposing us will pressurise that government to change its position. If they are not in a state to do so, they will leave their jobs and return to join the army to prove their loyalty to India and the war they are supporting.
  5. No Indian or person of Indian origin will work or live in a country that has an Islamic Constitution – therefore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan will be struck out immediately. They will have to do that also if they indulge in Islamic bashing or referring to these societies as jihadis.
  6. I am assuming that you are serious about fighting terrorism and will therefore do so irrespective of the ideology the terrorists follow. You will have to give written assurances of your intent.
  7. Those of us who are opposed to any war will be compensated by the war proponents in the event of damage to person or property.

This is not a casual post. It is time we became pro-active and stemmed the rot of hyperbole and hot air. Let us make these people responsible for their rash war-mongering.


  1. FV:

    The PM has set all these doubts at rest once again. Some people think that war is more like a cricket match, just a bit more gory, more violent and it allows the media to anoint new heroes.

    Finally, most impotent and coward people behave like bullies. So much for the warmongers sitting away in their faraway lands.

  2. Good sense must prevail in these volatile times.There are a million more pressing things to be done in our country, and quickly so, if we are to maintain the necessary growth rate.We have the largest quantum of malnourished children in the world as also the highest infant mortality rate. Our inputs to basic education are not more than the poorest African states and we probably have the dirtiest rivers on the planet.In short the list is endless.

    We cannot afford to be derailed by a war at this stage.We still have the largest below poverty population on Earth.

    Your lines are therefore most appropriate and need the most forceful reiteration.

  3. Once again, politicians show everyone how very brainy they are. War indeedy.
    I think countries shouldn't have
    standing armies to begin with. Then those who want a fight can damn well fight it themselves.

  4. Please start a petition,people like us will be with you

  5. I just read your post and also read about your background. Shame on you. You are a Mohajir and you support India instead of being loyal to Islam and Pakistan. You should be stoned to death.

  6. Congrats FV! You are a mohajir now!

    Anyway, What is a little war between two neighbors.

    Don't worry too much the Messiah will be inaugurated on the 20th January and he will resolve all issues between the two countries. until then let the media make some money and the politicians some goodwill...I know you would chide me for this nonchalant attitude but I think India's pressure would help Pakistan get over its army problem.
    One clip I enjoyed from IBN..while interviewing a Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir the anchor said, "kutch humdradi dekhain na!" Some professionals running the media!


  7. PS:

    Yes, the PM has set doubts to rest and for the first time I saw him walking with huge strides.
    - - -


    You have raised the crucial issues about the silent wars within that no one is concerned about.

    I wish all those who are screaming for a war would put their energies behind some such movements...
    - - -


    Absolutely. I would like to see some of them mud-wrestling or shall we say 'aata-wrestling' since Pakistani flour was found in that boat? Maybe they can tie each other up with toilet paper?
    - - -


    There are very few petitions I support or sign...it has become too easy a way out. It is enough that each of us spreads the word that we do not need this hysteria. If we do nto like each other as a people (not true) then we can boycott actors, TV shows, films (only leave the hapshee halwa alone, please).
    - - -

    Hello Aamir:

    So, who has planted you here? Has no one told you I am an astute observer and catch a red herring when I see one?

    Better luck next time...and if you are 'serious' then I wonder what background you read and what you found. It is plain and clear where I am. As for being stoned to death, I like those nice oblong ones they put in flower pots. A bit expensive, but I am high maintenance...
    - - -


    I am so glad you too were misled. Note that I am called a mohajir...it is terribly exciting times because I have so many identities. Yes, SO MANY.

    Let us not get on to the war thing unless it is to pull people up with their own buffoonery.

    Don;t even mention IBN and the rest...a while ago they were quoting some figures about India in dollars!

  8. There is no need for a full blown war. However, a preemptive strike against terrorist training camps is quite OK.

    Well, everybody who advocates a conflict need not be physically present in the war. We can work through exhortations, encouragement, financial and medical support.

    Amr bi'l maruf and nahi al munkar (enjoining good and forbidding evil) is incumbent on us

  9. Milind:

    Please. Where was all this talk of pre-emptive action when we have ongoing insurgency in Kashmir for two decades? You mean to say there were no terrorist camps? What do we do about Thackeray and his camps?

    My stand remains firm: No War. As for other action these are matters of diplomacy that the two countries should sort out.I suggest you should not fall in this media and politician created hype. They are contesting for TRPs and elections; we aren't.

  10. FV,

    There are times when things may smolder for a long time. Then finally comes the flashpoint, and you want things to happen. The Mumbai attacks were a case of pure terrorism, whereas Kashmir was a case of militancy. It is not only a difference of semantics.

    Agreed, we are not contesting elections or competing for elections. But, if we wish to make things happen, how do we do it? Like it or not, politicians and media will have to play a role. We cannot wish this away.


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