The swami moves from sex to kerosene

This seems like such a convenient way to purge yourself. Swami Nithyananda involved in a sex scandal was released on bail. He decided to indulge in a purification ritual, the pancha tapasya near fire. His spokesperson said he would also pray for world peace. That is generous. But, how did the courts allow such public purification? He has not been exonerated and if the cases are proved against him he would be sentenced to prison. The manner in which he has been going about his penance, it would seem that he is above the law and still has a following.

Just when his purification was happening, it was found that there is another fiery scandal:

Self-styled godman Swami Nithyananda has courted fresh trouble for allegedly using kerosene meant for poor families during his meditation for ‘penance’ and may face a seven year jail term if convicted. Nithyananda, out on bail after staying in jail for 53 days on rape charge, resorted to the ‘pancha tapasya’ in his Bidadi ashram. Over180 litres of kerosene was seized from there.

Had it not been about poor families, this would have been comical. He has his fans who could have sponsored his purification. I am not sure how sitting before a fire will alter things. If he is seeking to purify himself, does this not amount to some sort of acceptance of culpability? Will he gain sympathy from the public? Will his devotees feel better? Does it help him?

There is a place for rituals for those who indulge in them with true intent and as a private act.

From the looks of it, he appears pretty cocky about the way the case has gone and his current situation. There aren’t too many precedents of such people serving their full terms. We are a nation that believes in what we cannot easily understand. Mumbo-jumbo is a panacea and people like Nityananda work along these lines.

I hope he at least realises that kerosene is a rationed item and many people in this country do not have unlimited access to it.

Obviously, the guy has moved on from being swinger to swindler.


  1. FV,
    First Nice change in Blog, looks like a newly done up apartment with new paint, drapery and furnishings.
    Second, Of late I have become less critical of the authorised dealers of God (read BMP babas Mullahs and Popes) as I am increasingly convinced that a new Social era is emerging. I am not one of those "hopefuls" but I am seeing multiple signs that after BC (before Christ)...time for BG.. (Before Google)..Internet is erupting like electricity and cars , it is sending atheism to mobile phones . PCs and more people are accessing truth about the BMP. While one may think that more Islamic fundamentalism is spearding through internet, an equal amount of counter thoughts are also progressing.
    In a few years , access to relationships through net, even in poor countries will loosen the grip of asa rams and bookharis...This baba should focus on ED and leave religion to individuals ..
    Third, please convince me on your logic for NOT being on twitter ...you will rock there ...

  2. Inverted Karma:


    1. Thanks...

    2. These babas are quite tech and Net savvy and already on a roll...you can perform pujas online, get a nikaah done by remote...besides, these babas are being asked to comment on political issues and some manage to sound 'progressive' or at least beatific.

    3. please convince me on your logic for NOT being on twitter ...you will rock there ...

    Let me see, you must be new here to expect logic from me! But then you know about my reluctance, so you cannot be new.

    Okay, a few reasons.
    a. I wouldn't know what to say/do.
    b. I am shy :)
    c. What can I do there that I don't do here?
    d. Arguments get reduced to sound bytes.
    e. That darned place took away some of my readers.
    f. Well, how should I choose between a 'rock' and a very hard place?

    Lekin pataa nahin kab kya ho...

    PS: Farhat Shahzad is a giveaway but I'd still respect your privacy!

  3. I knew you would get there ...you are my inspiration of sorts ...my benchmark ..
    Thanks...I have a "production consumption" cycle which is politically correct and hence the "inverted Karma" ...my soul remains as clear as Vodka ...

  4. Talking of swamis, here is another dangerous hatemonger pretending to be a "religious scholar": Glad that Britain and Canada denying him a visa has him crying foul -- more people need to pay attention to the kind of stuff this guy gets away with on national media. Dr. Naik and Mr. Mahesh Bhatt seem to be fuzzy on the notion of national sovereignity -- the Indian Govt. can do NOTHING to Canada or UK if they deny an Indian a visa....that is entirely at their discretion. "Dr." Zakir Naik needs to stop being a troublemaker if he wants to be provided visas to visit other country -- they may not be all that cool with his religious demogoguery like India and Indians are.


    And talking of hatemongers, since there is an entire spectrum of them in the human race, the despicable thackerays are in the news for extortion -- kudos to Mr. Bhatt for reporting these MNS thugs to the police.


  5. FV: "you can perform pujas online, get a nikaah done by remote.."

    Indeed! Recently noticed three different events of iPod showing up in a religious context: (1) a hindu priest pull up his iPod to run an app that did the translation of the western calendar to the traditional south Indian lunar calendar which is used in hindu religious texts (a) a very religious muslim use it to determine the direction of mecca in a windowless room (c) a devout christian refer to bible verses from the iPod. I guess science and technology makes all sides equally capable to defend their version of reality, such as it is.

  6. IK:

    I trust it is this purity speaking so am touched. This blog or any writing needs to be watered with a li'l bit of vodka.


    Zakir Naik has been in my sights and have delayed doing him justice.

    Oh, the baba brigade is bigtime into technology. Given the way I write some of my personal musings, I could well be at a virtual Confession!


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