Just wondering

Why is that everytime Digvijay Singh makes or receives phone calls (or says he does) from people who are in some controversial situation they get killed soon after?First Hemant Karkare, now Salman Taseer.

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The TOI had this picture on the front page with the title: "Look, no one's watching the president".  Ms. Pratibha Patil took a  break and decided to get some cool Goan breeze at the beach. She is surrounded by plainclothes security. How many people does the newspaper imagine ogle at women in a saree on the beach? And how do they know no one was looking? Or, is the TOI mighty pleased at getting a picture?


  1. Rather stupid that the President's picture got replaced with Sachin Tendulkar's...do links just 'unwork'? Anyway, I have copied the original photo.

  2. If URL A used to point to prathibha.jpg (for example), overwrite the contents of prathibha.jpg with sachin.jpg, then URL A will point to the new content.

  3. You mean to say anyone else can do it without my knowledge? I was not pointing fingers ta anything.


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