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I don’t understand what the picture below has got to do with the content of the news item. Since it has no credit line, I am not sure whether Omar Abdullah is inspecting “the Indo-Pak border in the R S Pura sector”, as is mentioned in the Times of India, or bird-watching. 

Also, while in another report in TOI’s web edition, he does state that Pakistan should do its bit for peace, the Pakistani Rangers who were killed by the BSF were not anywhere near J&K. This happened in Fazilka town in Ferozepur district, which is a couple of hours’ drive from Chandigarh. The BSF guards the 553-km international border in Punjab.

As regards Pakistan refusing to accept the bodies, obviously it would. Consent would amount to culpability. So throwing evidence will not work.

What has Omar Abdullah got to do with this?

For a clear reference I am reproducing the news item and photograph as it is in the newspaper from the epaper. Ignorance, and such carelessness, is not always bliss:

Pak refuses to accept intruders’ bodies
J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah inspects the Indo-Pak border in the R S Pura sector on Sunday. Pakistan has refused to accept bodies of two alleged Pakistanis, who were shot dead by the BSF early on Friday when they tried to sneak into India, an official said. ‘We had informed the Pakistan Rangers and we were hopeful they would take back the bodies. But they refused and said the deceased were not Pakistanis,’ BSF deputy inspector general Panaj said. ‘We have enough proof to substantiate their identity but Pakistan does not want to admit the fact,’ he added

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