Birther Pangs

See, I am in a sort of confused state of mind. When I glanced at a report about Donald Trump discussing birth certificates, I thought he wanted to know where Christopher Columbus was born. Then I figured out it was something about birthers and images of village elders who help women in labour crossed my mind. I was, of course, wrong. Donald Trump wanted to know the origin of the toupee. Where does Barack Obama get that head of hair?

Obama with daughter with US birth certificate
He cannot ask such facile questions, so he is casting suspicion about the President’s place of birth. Not the United States, it seems. Again, my mind was in a loop. Did it have something to do with Obama messing around in Libya? But Whoopi Goldberg says Trump’s query is racist. I understand that anything questioning what Obama does is racist. He is helping a North African country just as he helped an Arab country, Iraq, and a Pashtun one, Afghanistan, and a Muslim one, Pakistan. Whoopi is like a birther for the Obama idea, right? No. It is all about Donald Trump producing his birth certificate which is not quite a certificate because it is something from the hospital. Why is it not the right one then? Was he not born in a hospital? Like was he born in one of those large towers that he owns and the hospital where they went to give him his essential infant vaccines put the wrong date by a few days? Where does Obama figure in all this? Trump wants to contest the elections as a Republican which means that he has been born and Obama being a Democrat need not be?

Aw gosh, it is so much easier being an Indian. Here, the leader of our Opposition was born in what is now Pakistan, our prime minister was born in what is now Pakistan, the chief of our ruling party, Sonia Gandhi, is an Italian by birth, and no one cares where our politicians are born. No one even cares whether they contest or not. Our prime minister has never contested an election. He just got to sit in the hot seat because his party boss wants it warm later for her son to continue the legacy.

You want birthers? We got re-birthers here.


  1. It's ironic, as Trump was making a mockery of firing people on prime time TV, real Americans were getting pink slips from jobs that kept a roof over heads and food in bellies. As people looked to the boob tube for escape, Trump was glorifying the pink slip with his reality tv show.

    I love how he thinks he's so great. I'd like to tell him that since he was born a millionaire, he certainly should die one.

    Now he's come out swinging as a Republican presidential candidate for 2012. I can only think his task is to stay far, far right so that some other Republican can look moderate it the eyes of the public.

  2. Dion:

    I think the Republicans occasionally throw up these weird cases, and the money power gives them prime time visibility and seems to sort of fall in line with a capitalistic principle, anyway.

    I am afraid that his attitude will alienate those asking real questions about Obama.


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