Samjhauta:Why compromise peace?

So, it’s happened to the Samjhauta Express. 70 people died. Was it a fire or a bomb? The Pakistanis say they have no clue; the Indians say they have lots of clues but won’t talk. Leave politics aside.

Do you know what those non-political guys are saying? That since both Pakistanis and Indians are dead (like together, in the same train), this will bring them together! I am sick of this peace stuff being churned out every once in a while. And sickened by the insensitivity of these ‘sensitive’ souls.

Someone does not want peace between the two countries? Damn, the two countries don’t want peace because that will take away the whole reason for them to have something to do at the border. There has never been any serious effort; if one side tries, the other puts conditions and so on…please give peace a chance to lay off…and leave train travellers alone.

- - -
chalo ke chal ke siyaasi muqaamiron se kahein

ke humko jang-o-jadal ke chalan se nafrat hai

jise lahoo ke sivaa koi rang na raas aaye
hamein hayaat ke us pairahan se nafrat hai

kaho ke ab koi qaatil agar idhar aaya
to har qadam pe zameen tang hoti jaayegi

har ek mauj-e-havaa rukh badal ke jhaptegi
har ek shaakh rag-e-sang hoti jaayegi
(Sahir Ludhianvi)


  1. Blog

    You are one sensitive soul.can Wish to share my sentiments for this tragedy.

    Globalized violence...............

    When we hear about bombings and killings of innocent humans. Such terms strike our minds..........Attack, butchers, serial killers, suicide bombers, mad frenzies, hidden in the blood, the werewolves, monsters.

    Humans are killing humans. What for? for nothing. Everything is nothing and nothing is everything.

    Brutality, inhumanity, cruelty, blood shed by the humans , for the humans lead to more insensitivity , more killings, vicious circles..............

    End products.....Vampires

  2. Circle:

    My kind of sensitivity is a bit different, for when I talk about an issue I can dissect it...therefore to many I may not even seem sensitive...some may think I am a vampire.


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