The media massacre of the Virginia Tech tragedy

The Virginia Tech shootout where 32 people were killed has thrown up various questions and most of you have read about them.

I have always been a bit surprised at the way in which the Indian media covers such events. In this case, because two Indians – a professor and one student – died there has naturally been much interest. However, there is absolutely no reason to Americanise our news. The same pop psychology, the same ‘breaking news’ stops, the same “we will be giving you details all day”. I am sorry for what has happened as everyone is. But do you have to interrupt our news for that? By flashing Minal Panchal’s pictures on screen how would anyone in India find her (when she was missing)?

I am rather sick of the sound bytes too. One panel discussion decided to debate whether it was safe for Indian students to study in the US. I don’t think it is safe for most people’s sanity, but that is another matter. What shocked me were the words of a representative of some US university or agency that facilitated students to get visas. This American gentleman said that Indians should not lose the opportunity to get an education in the US and help improve the state of their country.

And those darned anchors sat there and listened to this crap. If someone wishes to go overseas and wants to study/work, it is their choice. Just don’t give us this barf about how your education is going to improve our situation. We have become so servile that the anchors even said, oh, this also happens in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Sure, there is plenty of crime here. But our universities do not claim to be havens of security and enlightenment. Those hick town colleges where crimes take place are branded as such.

When will our media learn to tell the difference and stop toeing the western line in everything?


  1. blog
    Indians're blindly aping America,in this process they lost their creativity and independence of their minds.

    They can't fit in to white culture b/c of their skin color.So, they ultimately fit perfectly in to African American culture.

    Virginia tech sociopaths can be found anywhere,why to pin point only America?

  2. Circle:

    Agreed, sociopaths are everywhere, but the US goes into overdrive with them.

    The aping is a thing with the whole subcontinent...why, even in Japan, which is supposed to be so proud of its 'ethnicity', you should see the teenagers.


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