No sex please?

'No sex education in schools' screamed the headlines. Discussions, discussions. I thought we had come a long way. We haven’t. Most people in India even today talk about how sex education is important to educate young people about AIDS, to teach them about technicalities, and the rest. As though hormones can take instructions.Why would a teenager who is just getting that sumptuous feeling wish to be burdened with biological details about squigqly things and eggs?

No mention is made about how a person might feel, what role attraction plays. I am very clear after all these years. Sex has only one purpose: pleasure. And even today there is only one thing that can get me to listen to anyone talk about it: Titillation.

Why are we so ashamed of accepting this simple fact?

I do not think that anyone gets wet dreams imagining the ovulation period. So cut it out. And watch the sensuous shape of the sand dunes and the hour-glass…

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  1. blog
    Sex @ appropriate age is normal.
    For some it is pleausre, for others it is just procreation.

    For me it is Just pro creation.


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