Bhopal's Sindhi girls in trouble

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Bhopal Sindhis slap conduct code on girls - Times News Service
Community Cracks Down After Elopements With Muslim Boys

Bhopal: After two high courts upheld a couple’s marriage and asked the state to provide them security, a local Sindhi panchayat has come out with a code of conduct for parents to ‘prevent’ their girls from falling in love with Muslim boys.
After marathon meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, the panchayat issued a list of instructions to the parents to “keep their daughters in check’’ and “not give them much liberty’’. “Sometimes too much liberty becomes a burden on society,’’ it said.

The panchayat came to these conclusions in the wake of two Sindhi girls eloping with two Muslim boys in the recent past. In the first case, a community girl, Priyanka Wadhwani, eloped with Mohammad Umar and married him only after Umar embraced Hinduism and changed his name to Umesh.

In another case, a minor girl eloped with a Muslim boy.
The panchayat has banned use of cell phones by community girls, who have also been asked not to cover their faces with scarves and ‘dupattas’ even during summer. They have also been asked not to move around on two-wheelers in the city. Bajrang Dal activists, too, joined the panchayat under the banner of Hindu Kanya Raksha Samiti. Former Bajrang Dal convener Devendra Rawat claimed 346 Hindu girls married Muslim boys in the past three-and-half years of whom 200 were minors. Altogether 120 of these girls returned after a few months and some even attempted suicides. Sindhi community members claimed over 100 girls have eloped with Muslim boys.

A community leader who headed the panchayat, Bhagwandas Sadnani, told TOI, “We have instructed young girls going to schools and colleges not to carry mobiles. They will not be given two-wheelers. Also, they will have to reveal their faces when they are travelling on the roads. Priyanka Wadhwani’s parents gave her a twowheeler. The family is suffering for that. Has anyone thought of the parents of that girl? What has she accomplished by eloping at the age of 21 with a boy from a different community? What is so great about her act that she has become a role model for some?’’ He added, “We are talking about the well-being of the girls here.”
The Hindu way of living is completely different from the Muslim way of life. Many cannot adjust. Has anyone asked what happens to these girls when they are left by their husbands after a few years? Where do they go from there? Parents get their daughters married in their own community to ensure that she is not ill-treated after marriage.The community has its own responsibility because she is a daughter from the same community.’’

The Sindhi community is equally adamant about accepting the marriage. “If Umar has converted, will he go to Hanuman temple? Will he worship Ganesh?’’ Unless he converts in toto, we will not accept the marriage,’’ Sadnani said.

And then there was bound to be an equally silly reaction:

Muslim youth ostracised
Angry Muslims in Bhopal also gathered under the banner of Majlis-e-Sura. Chairman of All India Muslim Teohar Committee Oshaf Shahmiri Khurram said, “We have ostracised Mohammad Omar. He has converted to Hinduism. He can’t be part of our community any more. Islam does not acknowledge such marriages. Priyanka Wadhwani should have converted before a nikaah.”


  1. frankly speaking, I have no problems with such marriages.

    But the bigger question is - Why is it so that most of the times, the guy is a muslim and the girl is a Hindu. Why not the other way round? Of course, you will give me a few examples and prove me wrong, but in an equal and just environment, the numbers should be approximately equal, not highly skewed.

  2. Have you done research and counted? There are no statistics to prove your point. And here the Muslim guy converted to Hinduism.

    Regarding equality in numbers, not everything can be quantified.

  3. blogR
    I truly believe marriage is a sacred institution which is based upon Love,understanding and mutual respect for eachother.

    Marriage is depending on eachother, while still being independent. Marriage is to live under the same roof, still maintaining your individual freedom. Marriage is to let eachother grow, while having our individual space to breath.

    I do not mind, if, people marry from different faiths. As long as they can keep above marital values alive forever.

    But, it is not practical. I have seen majority of interfaith marriages broke due to lack of respect for eachother's faiths.

  4. Circle:

    I think two very strong people have to be married, and then they should visit each other occasionally, preferably in a cave or an island!

  5. Chanced upon your blog when I was looking for some info on ban on mobile phones for Sindhi girls in Bhopal. Taliban is exactly what we seem to be creating, I don't know what we are thinking when we are voting for(or sad to say NOT voting against) these buffoons. Loved this post:)Many schools have banned skirts for girls and trousers for boys, often these upper middle class girls are wearing salwaar kammeez for the first time -as school uniform. Many times, even the mothers have grown up wearing the practical and comfortable, and easy to maintain JEANS/track bottoms. I hope we are able to stop these Talibanisation! When I read 'A thousand Splendid Suns', it was shocking to see how easy it is for a Taliban-style conservative system to come to power.

  6. I chanced upon your blog while searching something on bhopal.
    I am also aware of these incidents I am not here to support or put down anyhthing but i feel the plight of the parents imagining a 17yr old daughter abandoning their family for so called LOVE. The same parents who have done their best all their lives for the children are considered enemies by the same children.
    FV you have taken this straight from a local news portal but I would like you to go little more deep and see how the life of these inter religion couple goes.I have seen a live example of it where a girl converted to Islam just for the sake of marriage with a promise and dream to embrace Islam in her life but her dreams were short lived as she was not compatible with the kind of life Islam requires.what happened further was more tragic. Like this there are numerous cases which you would come across. So I feel its better to stay away from Inter religion marriages and avoid all the hell that follows


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