Martial law in Pakistan

Just called a friend in Islamabad on her cellphone. Got through easily. Time 7.26 pm IST.

The Left is active and she was in fact in a political meeting right when I called.

A state of Emergency is always bad, but why has it come as a surprise? Just as some of us outsiders were not at all surprised at BB's callousness, this is not really news, however disheartening it is. Some really thought this would be a return to democracy, by getting Pinky back?

Sorry about indulging in pop-analysis, but her return and its resultant mayhem is what pushed the Emergency. All politicians, even militiamen, are insecure.

And the papers had already quoted PPP leaders warning Benazir about returning to Pakistan because an Emergency would be declared.

This could not have been ESP.

PS: Hope my friends in Pakistan are well and the country survives one more crisis.


  1. hello!

    your writings are good and your paintings are really nice...

  2. FV:

    Other than the people of Pakistan (who always suffer), it is the legal fraternity and the independent media that has been targeted. The more things change, more they remain the same.

  3. Nazim:
    Thank you eso. since you like the paintings!

    Pune S:
    An Emergency has to stop free flow of news.Am less worried about the muzzling of the judiciary,which our own experience tells us is dependent on political will.

    Imran Khan was making demagogic statements, I hear he is under house arrest.

    Indian channels are having a great time.


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