Sanjay brings Gandhi alive!

ALLAHABAD: Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt may be in jail in the 1993 Mumbai bombings case, but a Gandhian institution here has decided to honour him for promoting the Mahatma's ideals through his role in Lage Raho Munnabhai.

Damn. You know when we write anything that questions the judgement against Sanjay or the tone of it, then we get termed jihadis. Now, 93-year-old freedom fighter Mewa Lal Gupta, head of the Gandhi Vichar Andolan, will honour the actor at Yerawada Jail for his “unparalleled contribution” to promote Gandhian values.

Said the gentleman, "We have taken note of the fact that what the entire nation could not do in independent India has been achieved by Sanjay Dutt through his role as Munna Bhai. The extent to which the message of Mahatma Gandhi could be spread through the film was incredible. I am really impressed by the overwhelming impact the film made on the minds of common people."

I am sick of the film, sick of Gandhian values and sick of how we are becoming a nation of sycophants of some philosophy we rarely practise and know precious little about.

The common man or woman only knows that this character called Munna Bhai talks to the spirit of Gandhiji and instead of using violence tries to win over people. However, there is this rather telling scene when someone keeps slapping him, then Sanjay’s Munna hits him back and tells his buddy Circuit that Gandhi has said if someone slaps you on one cheek offer him the other, but he hadn’t told them what to do when someone hits you on both.

That is the essence of the farce: A limited understanding.


  1. FV:

    Wonder why Sanjay + Gandhi = "Sanjay Gandhi"...

    Did you ever hear about Gandhi Vichar Andolan before they associated themselves with Munnabhai? The power of Bollywood and the ineptness of Indian media to focus only on Crime, Cricket and Cinema are responsible for this. Even you and your blog must take your share of the blame about the Cinema part. Things that should exist on the margins and the periphery should never occupy the centre stage. I am not sure about many others but Bollywood is certainly one of them.

    Munnabhai may be a nice, frothy, breezy entertainer but it isn't a treatise on Gandhian philosophy. On second thoughts, does something line Gandhian philosophy actaully exist anywhere or is it another creation of the media and the public?

  2. I have not indicated that the film is a treatise on Gandhian values; I don't care much for them.

    This blog takes the responsibility for writing on Bollywood and also other stuff that exist on the periphery if they do impact on society.

    One uses different standards in dealing with the subjects. I happen to love cinema and to some extent cricket and am fascinated by crime.

    Main aisi hi hoon...


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