Jaaye to jaaye kahaan...

This might sound strange. I put this song in the romantic category. Romantic in capital letters, as in a love beyond love.

apna bhi gham hai, unka bhi gham hai

ab dil ke bachneki, ummeed kam hai

This is about making another’s sorrow one’s own. A soul crying out…

Jaaye tau jaaye kahaan:

Film: Taxi Driver (1954)

Singer: Talat Mehmood

Music: S.D.Burman

Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi


  1. FV:

    Thanks. But why did Talat always sing at such a low pitch. I love him as a singer anyway but you'd have a decent explanation for sure.

  2. PS:

    Talat just could not manage the high pitch...notice how his voice quivers even if he attempts it? Listen to "Ae mere dil kaheen aur chal..."...it appears that he is getting his heart to really rush :)

    He was best at straight singing where emotions were more important than verbal pyrotechnics. Like Hemant Kumar.

  3. In as much as the ability to sing is a gift, there is also this little thing of 'riaz' to extend ones natural ability. Add to this the mechanics of vocal chord, cavity and passage which determine an individuals natural vocal range, from low to high. Most singers will tend to perform in their mid range with enough room to maneuver from very low to very high. One could infer that Talat has a narrow range centered around the lower scale, and sings rather well in this range. Having said that, why does water flow and winds blow and leaves flutter? That Talat could not manage higher pitch, even as it may be true, sounds a bit harsh to my ears.


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